Good Sunday afternoon!  I hope you are enjoying this sunny (in Hampton Roads), Superbowl day!  

Inspiration comes from many places.  Gotta admit, I’m most inspired and creative when well rested.  Sunshine can also be very inspirational to me!  Can’t get enough of the stuff!  In regards to baking, I believe my first inspiration came from a local bakery, Mama Kayer Bakery.  When I was about 3 or 4 y.o., my dad used to work as a delivery man for this century old bakery (which unfortunately closed its doors in 2010).  My mom would bring my brother (Ray) and me to see dad during his work day.  Sometimes this visit happened at 2 AM.  One of our rewards for being good was a slice of their NY Cheesecake.  I honestly don’t know if they made them, or if they were shipped in from NY?  Didn’t matter, they were heavenly!  This occasional treat set the bar for cheesecakes in my mind.  Through my adult years, I’ve eaten many slices of cheesecake, but they never measured up to what I had tasted as a child.  Fast forward to about 13 years ago.  I tried many cheesecake recipes, and most were too creamy.  I wanted a straight up NY Cheesecake, not creamy, and no fillers.  I finally came across a recipe that was very close.  After a few tweaks, I had it!  Thank God.  And that was the beginning of my quest for the best!  I guess I have a story about most of my cakes, and what drove me to bake what I now offer on the menu.  Can’t wait to share the history and inspiration for each cake and pie in the coming months!

BTW-the Virginia State Fair judges must like them too, as I am the proud owner of 5 Virginia State Fair ribbons for this one cheesecake!!


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