Pie Crust that Sticks to the Pie Pan

Seek and ye shall find!  I opened my favorite recipe book, America’s Test Kitchen Cookbook, and found a wonderful pie crust recipe!  I mean, OMG.  In my opinion, the crust is better than the pie filling!  However, there was one problem.  It didn’t present well at the restaurant.  Should have called it apple pie cobbler!  LOL  So, I was on a quest to bake a wonderfully delicious pie crust for my apple pie, and have it slice and serve up nicely, without sticking.  All I can say is the internet is a wonderful thing, and so are the comments everyone in the whole wide world shares!  Here’s how simple the solution is.  After rolling out the top and bottom pie crusts, put them in the refrigerator to chill before putting them in the pie pan!  Also, since I do cook my apple filling before putting it in the pie shell, I discovered I need to chill the filling before I use it.  And that’s it folks!  It totally worked.  Hope this helps!

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