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Pie Crust that Sticks to the Pie Pan

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Seek and ye shall find!  I opened my favorite recipe book, America’s Test Kitchen Cookbook, and found a wonderful pie crust recipe!  I mean, OMG.  In my opinion, the crust is better than the pie filling!  However, there was one problem.  It didn’t present well at the restaurant.  Should have called it apple pie cobbler!  LOL [...]

Where does the Inspiration come from?

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Good Sunday afternoon!  I hope you are enjoying this sunny (in Hampton Roads), Superbowl day!   Inspiration comes from many places.  Gotta admit, I’m most inspired and creative when well rested.  Sunshine can also be very inspirational to me!  Can’t get enough of the stuff!  In regards to baking, I believe my first inspiration came from [...]

Successful Week!

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What a great week last week!  Who knew Pilot Media folks liked chocolate cake as much as they did.  I baked a Dark Chocolate Cake with Dark Chocolate Icing, and Raspberry Chambord Sauce for The Press Box, and within two hours, Kathy and Adam had sold over half.   After they sold the chocolate cake, Kathy then [...]