6″ Square Carrot Cake not the answer

So I thought the square 6″ pans were the answer for a mini version, but not so.  The one pictured here has 6 layers, and is just as big as the rectangular and round full sized Carrot Cakes.  I tried less layers here, and the proportions weren’t right, it was too short/flat.  So, the 6″ […]

Strawberry Cake Up Next

I’m getting ready to experiment on Strawberry, Strawberry Cream, and everything else Strawberry out there!  Hey, I’ll probably even bake a Strawberry Cheesecake with fresh Strawberry Topping, yummmm!  This cake, and a Hummingbird Cake are in the works for a beautiful soon-to-be-bride, Jessica 🙂  Any taste testers out there?!

Red Velvet Cake, never give up!

I tried many recipes, and I was becoming discouraged.  And then, a co-worker gave me a recipe, and it was good. However, I couldn’t really taste the chocolate, so I added more cocoa 🙂  And in my opinion, it was a bit too red.  So I reduced the amount of food coloring.  Of course, I […]

Pie Crust that Sticks to the Pie Pan

Seek and ye shall find!  I opened my favorite recipe book, America’s Test Kitchen Cookbook, and found a wonderful pie crust recipe!  I mean, OMG.  In my opinion, the crust is better than the pie filling!  However, there was one problem.  It didn’t present well at the restaurant.  Should have called it apple pie cobbler! […]