Hi, I'm Robin Simmons
Hi, I'm Robin Simmons
I’m a Hampton Roads, Virginia native and I have many passions as you will see, baking is the big one!  It all began when I was young, working in my parent’s locally owned restaurants until I was about 21.  My love of baking stems from my obsession with things that taste good!   A few of my favorite desserts are NY cheesecake,  carrot cake, coffee cake, key lime pie, apple pie, dark chocolate cake, and many more!  I have been baking since 2004 and competing since 2011.

My first entry to the Virginia State Fair baking competition was a NY Cheesecake with blueberry topping (grown by my neighbors).  I won a blue ribbon!  My fire was lit, and off I went!  I have won 12 ribbons from the State Fair  and several awards from The Virginian-Pilot  bake-off competitions.  My goal with each dessert (and anything I cook or bake) is to create the best dish or dessert anyone has ever had.

If you do order an item from the menu, please let me know what you liked about it!
Thanks for checking out my bakery!!




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